Environmental Code Of Practice

Republic Technologies (UK) Limited is an affiliate company of the Republic Group (here after called “the Group”), are active in a large range of business segments throughout the world. Through this rich diversity, the Group is committed to practising its business with special care taken in regard of the environment and biodiversity.

Willing to reduce the environmental footprint of its business, the Group is looking to constantly improve the quality of its products, services and methods of conception and manufacturing, so as efficiently contribute to the preservation of natural resources and quality of life.

The Group is in compliance with the values of the United Nations Global Compact which is a strategic policy initiative for businesses that are committed to aligning their operations and strategies with universally principles:

§         To support a precautionary approach when facing issues that might have an environmental impact;

§         To undertake initiative to promote greater environmental responsibility and;

§         To encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.

For the Group and its employees, sustainable development remains as a constant concern, present in all their decisions and actions.

Supported by environmental analysis and strategic orientations, the Group is committed to complying with regulations in place, and, in the frame of a continuous improvement plan, to establishing an  environmental program. This environmental program provides principles which allow the Group and its employees to improve the environmental performance, such as:

§         To prevent pollution

§         To train and motivate employees

§         To decrease the consumption of water and energy

§         To manage, decrease, treat, and recycle or otherwise utilizes wastes

§         To decrease the amount and weight of packaging materials of marketed products

§         To develop environmentally safer means of production

§         To privilege suppliers who have an environmental approach

The Group will regularly review this environmental Code of Practice and ensure that correcting and preventative actions have been taken to ensure continual improvement.

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