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Zig Zag Launch New Value Pack

Zig Zag have launched a market first. The New Value Pack contains 450 non wrapped filter tips in one box!

If you’re looking to stretch your smoking budget a little bit further, help is at hand from Zig-Zag.


You can now buy a bumper value box of non-wrapped Zig Zag filter tips for just £1.49 (rrp).


Each box contains approximately 450 top quality filter tips. With the current economic conditions set to worsen smokers are sure to be looking for enhanced value from their brand of choice. With this new 'Value Pack' Zig Zag are offering their customers fantastic value and quality.


In research, smokers gave the non-wrapped filter tips a massive thumbs up, preferring them to other paper wrapped filter types.


The value pack is now available nationally with its first major listings, so keep an eye out for the money-saving pack at a shop near you.