Republic Technologies (UK) Limited are specialists in the ‘Roll-Your-Own’ segment of the smoking market and have extensive experience in supplying quality products through our flagship group brands Swan®*, OCB® and Zig-Zag®**.

Part of a privately-owned global group of companies, Republic Technologies (UK) Limited distribute, market and sell an extensive range of the finest quality smokers accessories, including rolling papers, filter tips, lighters, matches and other accessories.

Formerly owned by Swedish Match, the UK business was acquired by Republic Technologies International (www.republic-technologies.com) in 2008. The European headquarters of RTI are in Perpignan in the south of France and are ultimately owned by the Republic Group (www.therepublicgroup.net) of companies based in the United States of America, who are worldwide rolling papers and smoking accessories specialists. Republic Technologies International has manufacturing sites at Perpignan (France), in Barcelona (Spain) and in Fürstenfeld (Austria).

Republic Technologies International has a fascinating history. The story starts early in the 19th century and, over the next two hundred or so years, tells of various innovative businesses which crossed paths and were then amalgamated into the business, known today for its reputation for quality products, considerable expertise and commitment to being ‘best in class’.

Republic Group smoking accessories products are sold in over 105 countries worldwide to a wide range of markets and customers. With some of the most recognised and iconic brands in the market (Swan, OCB and Zig-Zag – all of which have been around for over 100 years), Republic Technologies (UK) Limited have products in the majority of retail outlets, cash & carries and wholesalers across the UK. The UK head office is based in High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire and warehousing and distribution is located in Manchester.


Our expertise of ‘Roll-Your-Own’ dates back to the early 19th century, when the first booklets of cigarette rolling papers were developed and launched in France under the JOB® brand.

Since then the business has developed state-of-the-art production facilities capable of delivering the highest possible quality products in the most effective and efficient way from our manufacturing sites. We are continually investing in, and developing our group brands to ensure they continue to meet our customers’ needs.

The Research and Development laboratory at Republic Technologies International is fully equipped with the latest analytical equipment and measurement technologies specific to our industry. The R&D department works very closely with our Marketing department to ensure we keep ahead of developments in the UK and global RYO markets, to provide our consumers with products and formats that are relevant to them.

The experience and knowledge we have of the UK market is extensive and our sales teams work closely with most of the largest retail, wholesale and distribution groups in the UK, developing their businesses through best practice category management.