Our iconic brands – Swan, Zig-Zag and OCB – have considerable history in the UK Roll-Your-Own Market and are well known for their quality products. This, combined with our expertise in rolling papers, filters and other accessories, means we can really add value to your business.


  • Swan has been one of the most popular smoking accessory brands in the United Kingdom and Ireland since 1883, when the brand launched it’s first wax matches.
  • Since then, Swan have introduced a range of other accessories including filters in 1984 and papers in 1985.
  • Swan filters are now Britain’s favourite filters and and are synonymous with quality, value and breadth of range.


  • Zig-Zag was born in the heart of the Alps in 1894.
  • The brand’s logo, a face of a French infantry soldier from Africa (the Zouave), is known worldwide for signifying the finest quality products.
  • In the UK, Zig-Zag products include papers, filters, smoking lighters and our new range of household lighters.


  • The OCB brand was created in 1918 and is an acronym of Odet, Cascadec and Bolloré (signifying the mill where papers were produced by the Bolloré family on the banks of Odet River).
  • OCB is sold in over 100 countries worldwide and is the undisputed market leader in Europe.
  • There is commitment to continued innovation of the OCB brand and a commitment to excellence which reflects the strong ethical values of our business.